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hey there everyone and welcome to the JavaScript course now I’m a kind of a person who always liked to get started by installing the things in writing some code I love that but this time JavaScript requires a little bit of the theoretical basics so that we can understand what things we are learning how powerful

it is and where they can be applied so we’re gonna be answering three base questions here first and foremost what is JavaScript and where it can be applied the second important question is what’s the difference between Java and JavaScript and yes we are still doing that question and the third thing is what is this

es6 es7 ACMA script these are the terms which every new beginners here is quite a lot but don’t even have a single thought about what actually it means and why it is being talked quite a lot with JavaScript so first let’s get started with JavaScript now it amuses me a little bit when I asked any experienced programmer

who has been working quite a lot but haven’t touched the JavaScript or hasn’t been involved in the JavaScript news lately and he just says it’s just a client language client-side language and although he is technically totally correct but that’s not it JavaScript can be and is a lot more than what it used to be javascript was designed simply to run in browser

but it is doing a lot more than the time that you have the memory of that now even the definition on the Wikipedia is little bit vague and honestly it’s a little bit hard to understand and it just says JavaScript often abbreviated as JSL high-level interpreted programming language

and further it says it is also characterized by dynamic weekly type prototype-based all these things are true but it doesn’t give you any sense of what javascript is and what it can actually do now I do completely agree here that javascript is a client-side language and was totally used in the browser for performing variety of web based things in the past but after that javascript has evolved a lot now in the previous days if we had to talk a little bit about the server

what we used to do is we wrapped our SQL query we pack them into the PHP and since PHP Python and Ruby are the languages which are server-side languages and only are capable to talk to the server we used to wrap these queries and send to the server and then get a result back in the PHP engine display that

onto the webpage now yes that’s totally true but now your JavaScript can do all these things as well now the next question that comes up is if I’ll be writing all these codes in JavaScript and since javascript is a client-side language and usually all of that code is submitted to the client as well no it doesn’t javascript has evolved a lot from the memory that you have now all of your JavaScript code that you write

it’s your choice totally that the weather this code should reach to the client-side or it should only serve onto the server a quick example could be no GS an entire web server framework or entire thing which can handle all of your server-side things and yes

totally in JavaScript so for that I have to give you a little bit examples of what are the capabilities of this JavaScript first and foremost nodejs like it’s a entire thing entire package which can deal up like everything in the server-side you can write your queries you can handle all the tasks that you you were able to do in PHP or Ruby or Python or anything other language

it can serve as a totally server-side language as well and without a doubt I am pretty sure that you might have heard about the node.js and it’s rising in its popularity and that’s just one thing so if you’ll ask me hey

it can do like web thing from the front side and back side that’s it no it’s not javascript is evolving a lot and you might have heard about the project known as react and using react Jas you can design your application just one single codebase and that can run on to a mobile as well as an iOS Android web

there is react native too so it’s it’s popular there of course we cannot deny the popularity of angularjs your one framework for mobile and desktop just like almost react but few additional things few bless things here and there but again regardless of that you might have heard about it and also the the popular framework

which is getting really good popularity nowadays is electron j/s again totally designed to make desktop application in just HTML CSS and JavaScript and it’s gaining a lot of popularity here and on top of that Vijay is a beautiful progressive JavaScript framework

which can help you to design beautiful and amazing animations for the web totally in that now just to extend the things on to much for further level these two examples are gonna give you extensive detail that how javascript is gaining its popularity

and how is it becoming popular every single day so notice the one here which says react VR yes you can design your total virtual reality experience in in simple JavaScript and yes that is and also recent announcement of the tensorflow Jas proves the popularity of the JavaScript that yes even the machine learning tasks will soon be able to perform in just JavaScript now as of now

we are totally relied on either Python or R in machine learning but now it can be JavaScript as well and very soon you’re gonna be seeing that and yes all of this is totally possible in JavaScript but not the JavaScript that you have memories already have heard about in those old books or maybe old college curriculums javascript has evolved a lot

now this brings us to the next question which still we are doing is what’s the difference between JavaScript and Java now this was probably the worst decision the JavaScript ever made to name

it after Java and yes at that time of that at that time of the Peter JavaScript well Java was having a so much popularity that it dominated and the decision was so poor the language got introduced in 1995 and still

we are making in its 2018 is almost gone and we are still making the videos on Java versus JavaScript the similarity is similar to this example here what is the similarity between a car and a carpet yes exactly no similarities at all apart from the word car is included

in the carpet it doesn’t have an engine carpet doesn’t have engine it doesn’t have a wheels or anything like that but still car and carpet are similar in saying and that’s exactly what it is in Java and JavaScript no similarity at all there is no dependence of of Java into JavaScript or JavaScript into Java it’s probably was the worst decision of naming

it after and from 1995 still we are making videos and takes book and writing this that hey there has nothing to do it at all and probably for the next few years we are going to be still doing it now the next big question is what is es 6 or 8 my script now this ACMA script is kind of a standardization now in 1995 Netscape actually created the JavaScript and on to where the sidebar here that reminds me

here is JavaScript is a really old language in 1995 and that time of period programmers were really obsessed with naming everything after coffee and that eventually came as JavaScript it this project was actually created on the name of mocha yes programmers were so obsessed with naming everything after coffee then

it came on to life script and then finally it got changed into JavaScript so in 1995 the Netscape actually started to working on a project named it a JavaScript finally and released that now after that soon people realized that we need a standardization over this language so that not every browser can manipulate

it based on their needs so this European computer manufacturer Association came out and declared a standardization for it known as es won in 1997 and soon after that the es – es 3 and all of that came around and in 2009 or 10 ish es 5 came up with a few good new features which are map and for each and by the way

I just missed that I have actually replicated in 2009 and 10 twice but it’s not so in 2009 in 10 the new features like map and for each things came up at initial level JavaScript didn’t have the concept of even the classes and objects but now we have all of them so in 2015 ES 6 actually came up and in 2017 the es 7 came up and now already

we are having specs of ES 8 as well and there are a lot of new features included now these are the new features obviously but you don’t have to worry anything about them at all the things that you’re gonna be learning in the JavaScript are completely applicable obviously

there will be more version and that doesn’t means that the previous things are gonna be gone no they are not it’s just only about adesh adding a few new features that you can have in language and that’s pretty much it you all the language

all the things that you’re gonna be learning in this course are completely applicable even to the newer version as well and there will be just few new features that you can pick up on the go and can work with that now also

there is a good resource here on to the github which you can find out and can know about which browsers are supporting which version of it and what parameters and what options they are searching for that this is totally for the advanced users who have been designing the web for a long time and have to worry

about a lot of things like which browser support is gonna be there or not so this is a nice resource I found it and you can just have a look at it in case it doesn’t really make sense to you totally ignore it no problem at all it has versions for es 5 and ES 6 like what browsers are supported what are not supported

what features you can use what you cannot but for the rest of people just completely ignore that okay so this is finally covered that these are the basics that everybody should know with what is JavaScript ES 6 Java where’s the JavaScript and all these things so that’s pretty much it in the next video

we’re gonna be talking about with other tools that we’ve required in order to perform all the operations and the code for this particular course and don’t worry I’m gonna give you enough options so that you can just work around on any computer at all so that’s it and I’m gonna surely catch you up

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