5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

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welcome to the first post on the my website lots of people got lost on the way here so good job I’m Jarvis I’m a software engineer in San Francisco and today I wanted to talk about a lot of the mistakes that beginners make 5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

when they’re getting into programming it’s a combination of things I struggled with myself trends that I noticed while I was a teaching assistant in college things that came from my peers and a lot of the questions

that I’ve gotten since I started making stuff on YouTube I think these things will be valuable tools to have while you’re learning to code whether you’re a student in college or boot camp or are self teaching or just like a person in general wide appeal

so the first mistakes that I see a lot of new programmers making is trying to learn a lot of brand new programming languages at once or technologies for that matter this is a breadth over depth approach

I talk to a lot of college kids you think it’s really impressive to have Python Java C C++ D F other letters of the alphabet on their resume and sure it’s nice to have a diversity of languages under your belt but it’s not nearly as important as people think

it is the main reason being it’s not that hard to learn a new programming language once you know one really well in spreading yourself too thin too early is going to be discouraging and ultimately counterproductive unless your goal is to

I don’t know be able to print hello world in like 20 languages in which case go ahead but no recruiter is gonna care if you have 20 languages listed on your resume if you aren’t strong in one of them and the same goes for like

general technologies especially on the web sure to build a web application you may need a passing knowledge of HTML Javascript CSS and then some sort of back-end technology like maybe it’s JavaScript and node or Python and flask or something but don’t bug yourself down and like the dozens of frameworks

that are available to solve the problem at hand if there’s like a technology that’s been around for a while and it’s still really popular just pick that because it’s less likely to go away in a year and you won’t have like wasted that investment learning one final note

here is that breadth in languages generally is a bit different than like breadth in programming paradigms or even like layers in the stack what I mean is that some languages are built for specific purposes so you might have to use C if you want do low level embedded systems programming

and you might have to use JavaScript if you want to program dynamic behavior on the web front-end behavior and with regard to paradigms cuz there’s a different ways in different methodologies for even writing code like functional programming you wouldn’t go to Java to do functional programming typically

just as you wouldn’t use Lisp for the ever dying paradigm of object-oriented programming anyway TLDR languages are getting different things but even still just focus on one that solves a problem that you really want to solve them in and get at that line alright for the others I got to speed up a little bit next is one that

I saw a ton with my students when I was a teaching assistant and I made a whole video about it but it’s just like not trying something or not starting on a project a lot of people are afraid to take that initial leap into making something because

they’re afraid they’ll fail or won’t be as perfect as they imagine it in their head and that’s ok just do it anyway I found that one of the most effective techniques for solving problems both technical and 5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

general is just to start small and iterate when you start small you can start to build momentum on the tiny things that you’re able to accomplish and and those together will make up like the larger goal I guess like say you want to make a copy of YouTube there’s so many components of YouTube

that’s a very big task to just like take off at once but maybe you focus on watching a video that’s hosted on your computer on someone else’s computer so you’ve got to figure out how to extreme video so that’s like one component and if you get that then you that’s actually a pretty major part of solving the problem or maybe

that’s really daunting and you want to first start with building user accounts so that users can like log into your system and provide their data or something when you break problems out they’re just much easier to reason about like every big thing is broken up of smaller things so the next one is huge and something that 5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

I still struggle with which is comparing yourself to others it’s human nature but it can still be really demoralizing and misleading just because someone seems like a really talented programmer doesn’t mean that they’re not working like really hard to put up that appearance or that they had some prior experience and prior training or they have a natural knack for it but what all those

things have in common is that they don’t concern you so focus on what you can control instead of comparing yourself others because looking at your own growth there’s gonna be far more meaningful than comparing

I don’t know what’s that metaphor like comparing their marathon comparing their you just might be a different stages in your journey like maybe they start really strong and then get demotivated a year in and maybe you

start slow but two years in you become really successful I don’t know just like if you’re enjoying it keep doing that and don’t worry about others a related note is to try not to connect your code to your self-worth

I think for better or for worse like a lot of people who will tell you that you’re not a real programmer or something like that or at least have done so in my comments are probably just projecting their own insecurities with their own abilities so just remember that you’re not your output regardless of whether or not it’s good or bad another gigantic mistake that beginners make is not knowing

when to ask for help this is also covered in a previous video but yeah just people feeling really afraid like they’re gonna embarrass themselves like people will see them differently if I ask for help but no one accomplishes anything alone society is built by by teams of people not by individuals and someone is getting help one way or the other so so just go ahead and ask because at the end of the day

you’ll have the answers and the people like judging you for getting help if those people exist I don’t know there’s nothing they can do you you you’ve solved your problem okay last but not least this is one that I managed to avoid by just sheer luck but not finding your community is a thing that I think trouble is a lot of people programming can be a very isolating task and one thing that was really 5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

beneficial for me was having a group of people with similar you know starting points and similar goals who could all help bring each other up John Green just did a great video on Tetris and how people have gotten really good at Tetris in the past 20 years and programming is the same way like

it’s the power of the community really brings us all up so don’t definitely make sure that you are a part of the community rather than you know being isolated from it any community also if you want to work as a programmer or a software engineer you’re gonna be working on teams so connecting yourself to the social aspect of software engineering as early as possible is is gonna be best okay so I’m droned on it long enough but

I have a couple of things that I’m not gonna talk about here but maybe I’ll talk about in a future video one is that thinking just because the technology is new that it’s good I see a lot of people doing that thinking that testing is a waste of time or thinking of it testing is slowing you down that’s another thing 5 Mistakes New Programmers Make

a lot of beginners get and actually a lot of people in general just get hung up on and over engineering your code when you know the simplest solutions are like the unsexy but straightforward ones more on those later if you’re interested let me know in the comments so thanks for watching a first new video on this channel maybe the next one won’t be about tech but I figured I’d throw

y’all buns that this been awhile it was super easy to write this and I feel like there’s a ton of these that I can pump out more more frequently than on my other channel where my videos nowadays take me way longer to me was this boring I know it wasn’t like super funny or anything but hopefully the information was valuable I don’t know anyway see you next time you

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